Nikolay Basov

Nikolay Basov
Born: December 14, 1922
Died: July 1, 2001

Nikolay Basov was born in december 14, 1922 in the small town of Usman near Voronezh. Basov was called up for military services in the red army. He went to train for doctor assistants qualification. After the war, he entered the Moscow engineering physics institute to study physics. in 1953 he graduated with a doctorate in physics and mathematics.

townes_charles_c1_bigthe molecular oscillator, studied by Basov, is otherwise called a MASTER, an uppercase acronym for microwave Amplification by stimulated Emission of radiation. Basov wrote several hundred articles about masers and laser. he and his colleagues constructed a large number of lasers based on crystals, glass, gases, different combinations of chemical elements, semiconductors, as well as multi-channel  and short powerful short-pulse lasers.



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