Born:20 February 1985 Moscow, Russia Best known for: T.A.T.U

Yulia Volkova
Born: February 20, 1985

Yulia Volkova is best known for her role as a member of the Russian pop group TATU alongside Lena Katina. Volkova went solo and in June of 2011, she signed a solo record with Gala Records.  In October that same year, she released her first solo single “All Because Of You”.  On August 21, 2021 she released her worldwide single “Didn’t Wanna Do It”.  As of late she is still working on her solo album which the release date is not yet known.

She also starred in the film “You and I” alongside her fellow band mate Lena Katina and actor Mischa Barton. Another film she participated in was “9 ½ Zombies” in August of 2011.

Yulia Volkova sparked much controversy in May of 2004 when she announced her pregnancy by her then long term boyfriend Pavel Sidorov, mainly because he was already married with a daughter.  On September 23, 2004, she gave birth to her daughter Viktoria Pavlovna nicknamed  Vika. Yulia no longer keeps in contact with the father of her child.

Yulia then began a long term relationship with a man by the name of Parviz Yasinov. It was speculated that the two had gotten married and that Yulia had converted to Islam, to which Yulia denied. It was also reported that she was pregnant with her second child. Then on December 27, 2007 Yulia Volkova gave birth to a son named Samir.  Around 2010 it was rumored that her and her boyfriend had split and that she had been separated from her son. She confirmed the split but denied the rumors of her separation from her son.

Then in March 2013 Yulia Volkova confirmed to “Hello Magazine” that she did indeed converted to Islam because “it was closest to my heart”. In many interviews, she has stated that she is bi-sexual.

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Volkova


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