Nikolay Vasilyevish Korneychucov
Born: March 31, 1882
Died: October 28, 1969

Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky was one of the most popular poets of children literature in Russia in his time. His rhymes are catchy and he is often compared to Dr. Seuss. His more famous works are Tarakanishche (“The Monster Cockroach”), Krokodil (“The Crocodile”), Telefon (“The Telephone”), and Moydodyr (“Wash-‘em-Clean”). Besides writing poems for children, Chukovsky was also a literary critic and essayist (“Wikipedia”).


Chukovsky’s first article was published in the “Odessa News” newspaper. He wrote about philosophy and causerie while writing for this paper (“Wikipedia”).


Travels to London for the “Odessa News” and studied and wrote about English culture.

After returning he moved to St. Petersburg and became a literary critic on a magazine that focused literature, bibliography, and criticism called “The Scale.” These works were published from 1904 to 1909.

Later Chukovsky tried to publish his own satirical magazine but was arrested because he criticized the government (“.


Publishes translations of Walt Whitman’s works which earned him much esteem in the literary crowd and many more of his articles began to be published.


Chukovsky begins his entrance into children’s poetry. He started by editing the almanac “Firebird” and then ended up writing several stories to be entered into the almanac.

One day a famous Soviet author, Maxim Gorky, asked him to create a new poem for a collection. As it happened, Chukovsky was riding the train with his sick son and telling him the story of a crocodile that he made up on the spot. The son remembered the story by heart and this became one of Chukovsky’s most famous works, “The Crocodile.”

"The Crocodile"

“The Crocodile”


Children’s minds and the way children speak began to become a fascination to Chukovsky and he wrote many stories which are considered “masterpieces of children’s literature” and are published to this day.


Chukovksy works on translations and begins to write his memoirs


Starts an adaptation of the Bible for children which involved a number of writers, but the work was destroyed by the government.


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