This particular article analyzes how the youth of Russia (those 25 and under) are a lot more willing to leave Russia in search of a better life than their older countrymen. The youth grew up in a Russia that was completely free of its Communist mentality or while that mentality and form of government was on its way out and thus they are more carefree and tend to be less patriotic than older generations. According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center almost 50% of Russians believe that it is permissible for people to sell a better life outside of Russia but that only 13% of those polled are ready to emigrate, the majority of those being under 25. The country’s youth is willing to leave their motherland to seek a better life, mostly in Western Europe and America, and to gain more opportunities to fulfill their potential. However, some of the youth do not wish to leave due to the fear of losing a steady life and moving away from their family and closest friends. While others are not willing to go back to Russia no matter the amount of money they might be given. The emigration of strong skilled youth is a problem that persists in all of the former Communist countries throughout Eastern Europe and not just Russia. This problem can only be solved by strengthening the economy within reach post Communist nation and giving the youth a reason to stay.

Contributed by: Aljosa Stojanovic 


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