This article talks about how the Russian government and police force will begin testing and using small surveillance robots in Moscow green zones (parks.) The robots in question will be small 285 pound machines that run on four wheels and move at a pace of 2 to 3 miles per hour. They contain cameras that can capture images from up to 260 feet away and have an vision angle of 360 degrees. The robots will eventually be operational 24/7 and during all weather conditions. They will be automated and will be able to focus the camera on large objects that are moving in front of it, such as people, dogs and cars. The camera will be monitored by people which can send out regular police patrols if they see anything of interest. The robots are already being tested in green zones in Zelenograd (ironic because Zelenograd literally means “green town”) and will start to be tested in the Moscow suburb of Skolkovo come September.

Contributed by: Aljosa Stojanovic


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