Map of Russia

Map of Russia

v Russia: Geography

  • Russia is an Empire
    • Russia as we recognize it started around Moscow (loosely around 1400)
    • Spread all the way to the pacific over 100’s of years.
      • Classified as a land empire (over time incorporated many non-native lands and people).
      • Land Masses Developed by Russia
        • Steppe-
          • Expansive grasslands
          • Allowed for easy transport/crossing.
          • Also made for a good agricultural source.
          • Chernozen-

¨     Russian word for the rich, black soil found on northern part of Steppe.

  • Taiga-
    • Boreal forest.
    • Mixed forest (Pine, Fur, Deciduous)
    • Large areas of unproductive land in Northern Russia running east (much of what is considered Siberia)
    • Sparsely populated

¨     Expansion into Taiga was fueled by desire to control more territory, raw materials, and gain access to the Pacific.

  • 1400 – 1950
    • Marked largest Russian influence through Eurasia.
    • Russification-
      • Assimilation into Russian culture (Language, politics, people)
      • Mainly expansion east
      • Slight movement west

v Economy:

  • Before 1800’s:
    • Mostly agrarian society
    • 1800’s Onward:
    • Heavy industry occurred in Russia
        • Around the black sea and the River Don.

¨     Don Bas region became major industrial area in Russia

  • Ural mountains and small parts of Siberia were rich sources of raw materials.
  • Industrialization around the Ural Mountains was based around Kuznetsk.

¨     Industry shifted from Don Bas over to Kuznetsk during WWII to protect industry from the Germans.

  • Trans Siberian Railroad linked the empire during the 1800’s

¨     Between Moscow and the Ural Mountains was a major industrial area along the Trans Siberian Railroad

1918 – 1991:

    • USSR moved industry around to spread wealth during expansion.
    • Russia switched to different industry:
      • Oil
      • Gas
      • Nuclear

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